Up to 30% less fruit & veg weight loss at Samkaup supermarket

Samkaup stores across Iceland have experienced great customer satisfaction with their 11 Condair humidification systems, while significantly reducing weight loss at the same time.

The humidification solution provided by Condair has been at great success at Samkaup. They bought another 10 systems after trying out the concept in one of their stores and they have committed to buy at least one new system every year.

The Condair humidification system prolongs the shelf life of the fruit and vegetables. Samkaup experiences up to 30% less weight loss of the fruit and vegetables placed inside the humidified area, and this is a great economic win.

Gunnar Egill Sigurðsson, manager of retail operations, commented, "We bought a test system for our store in Reykjavik in 2010 and found that thanks to the Condair humidification solution we have reduced the weight loss of our fruit and vegetables by up to 30%."

In addition to the economic win, the customers feel that an extra effort is made to ensure freshness in the store. Other benefits include the produce stays fresher for longer and there is a reduced need for other forms of air conditioning and cooling.

Condair has supplied the ML Solo high pressure spray humidifier to Samkaup along with reverse osmosis water purification equipment. The ML Solo provides very quiet and low energy humidity control directly to a room's atmosphere.

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ML Solo high pressure direct air humidifier

High pressure direct air humidifier for low energy humidity control and evaporative cooling of a room's atmosphere.

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