Dehumidifiers for ice prevention in cold stores and freezers

Moisture is introduced to commercial cold stores and freezers from open doors, cleaning routines, people and produce. If it is not proactively removed, it will condense out as mist or liquid water in conditions above zero and freeze in sub-zero conditions. Ice can cause severe issues, including damage to produce, packaging and components within the storage facility, as well as increasing the risk of slips and skids for people and machinery. 

Dehumidifiers should be used to remove the moisture that is inadvertently added to the cold store or freezer environment. This will maintain a dry atmoshpere and significantly reduce the build-up of ice and reduce misting in the air.

Dehumidifiers can be located in the cold store directly, in an air lock area or outside the cold store. Different strategies will require different types of systems and can have implications for the amount of energy consumption and convenience of servicing.

Condair offers a complete range of cold store dehumidifier systems, suitable for any type of drying strategy, along with free expert advice on which system will be most suitable for any project.

Before - Misting

Moisture that enters the cold store creates a mist that inhibits visibility and presents a safety risk.

After - No Misting

Reducing the humidity in the cold store prevented mist and allows clear visibility for improved safety.

Before - Icing

Moisture being introduced from air entering the door during operations causes icing near the entrance.

After - No Icing

Once the dehumidifier is turned on, the ice evaporates and the entrance is kept clear of ice formation.

Get free, expert advice on cold store dehumidification and ice prevention. Free site surveys on request.

Benefits of dehumidification in cold stores and freezers

  • More efficient refrigeration systems and less defrosting cycles
  • Improved health and safety with less misting and icy surfaces
  • Improved product quality with less risk of frost damage
  • Reduces the need for manual de-icing of surfaces, improving labour efficiency
  • Avoids damage to motorized doors, door sensors and security devices
  • Reduces condensation and subsequent hygiene issues from dripping

Our clients include

  • - Nestlé
  • - Delifrance
  • - Sara Lee
  • - Arla Foods
  • - Tulip Food Company
  • - Unilever
  • - Kerry Foods

Listen to this short podcast on how to reduce ice and misting in freezers and cold stores with dehumidifiers.

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