Condair CP3 Mini low capacity steam humidifier

The Condair CP3 Mini will provide up to 4kg/hr of steam either directly to a room or into an air handling unit. It has a very attractive yet inconspicuous design with concealed rear connections for power and water.

This low capacity steam humidifier can be serviced without needing to call a technician. All electronics and current carrying parts are protected against water splashes and inadvertent contact allowing cylinders to be changed safely.

A large LCD display provides information on all operating parameters and the unit can be controlled with the integrated keypad. An optional battery-powered humidity sensor can be located in the room and transmits a signal back to the humidifier to control output to the desired level.

The Condair CP3 Mini operates on mains water and is ideal for both homes and offices.

Features and benefits

  • Discreet, low capacity steam humidifier
  • Ideal for domestic or light commercial applications
  • Concealed connections for an attractive appearance
  • Easy to service without needing a technician
  • Can be used in-room or in-duct

For in-room or in-duct humidification

The Condair CP3-Mini delivers up to 4kg/h either to a duct through a steam pipe or to a room with its built-in fan unit.

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