Geveke Holland & Belgium become part of Condair

The "Technical Solutions" business unit of Geveke in the Netherlands has been acquired and transformed into the newly founded Condair BV with its main office in Amsterdam. Geveke in Belgium was also acquired at the same time and was renamed Condair NV. The main office of the Belgian Condair NV is in Vilvoorde.

Oliver Zimmermann, CEO Condair, commented, "The reason for the acquisition of the above-mentioned activities in Holland and Belgium is the consistent forward integration of Condair into promising geographic markets as well as the global strengthening of "Humidification and Evaporative Cooling" and in particular our service business. We have been present in the Dutch and Belgian markets for more than 40 years and are clearly the market leader in industrial and commercial humidification.

"The two new Condair companies will operate under the leadership of Hans van Garderen. All staff members in Holland and Belgium who previously worked for the humidification unit as well as for the directly related business segments will be employed by the new companies.

"It is our pleasure to welcome all Condair staff members in Holland and Belgium."

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